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Meet Dave!

Updated: Jan 13, 2020

If you have visited Skipbridge Farm you will have almost certainly met DAVE! Is Dave the Owner? Is Dave who booked me in? Is that Dave over there??

Nope... Dave is our infamous Llama, probably the most photographed Llama around. He is such a personality, When you arrive Tom will show you to your accommodation and point out where your staying, where to park and how everything works & then point out that that over there, in the field along side where you are staying is Dave, who will almost certainly come running over with glee for a stoke and to say hello.

He loves nothing more than a polo or a mint. If you do not have that to hand he also loves a tuft of long grass which you can pull up and feed him and then he is your best friend for all of your time here.

As you can see above Dave is adorable, he also loves to kiss the girls.

When a wedding day comes around (most weekends in Summer) all the animals are let into the paddock meters away from the Teepee's and he is a firm favorite for all. Especially wedding photographers and the couples.

Dave of course is not alone here on the farm, we have a variety of animals from peacocks to goats to alpacas and horses, they are all here for you to enjoy but that is for another blog. so for now lets just all agree Llama = Love

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